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Day 15- Block Oct 21st, 22nd

Day 15- Block Oct 21st, 22nd - Block Day October 21st 22nd...

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Unformatted text preview: Block Day, October 21st, 22nd LA11: American Literature and Composition Block, October 21 , 22 st nd Today's Objectives: Students will reflect on work with Catcher to draw comparisons between themes, techniques, and characters in both novels. Students will practice using new vocabulary in context. Students will learn how to identify correct and incorrect comma usage to help inform and improve their own writing. Block, October 21 , 22 st nd Today's Agenda: Grafitti Wall: Huck and Catcher Vocabulary Practice: Definitions and Fizzle BREAK Commas by Numbers Reading Time Note to Absent Students Study vocabulary: TEST FRIDAY! Pick up a commas by numbers packet from me upon your return. Keep up on your reading... last quiz next Tuesday! Block, October 21 , 22 st nd Homework for Tonight Vocabulary Test Friday STUDY! Read and work on you journal #4 (LAST ONE FOR HUCK!) Block, October 21 , 22 st nd On Deck for Friday Vocabulary Quiz Paper Review Reading ...
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