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LA11: Journal requirement update Effective beginning journal #2 (Due September 1 st ) Journals are 25 points each, coming to a total of 100 points for the unit!! Part A: Plot Summary Summarize each chapter from this week’s assigned reading IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Each summary should be 1-2 sentences per chapter . Clearly label each chapter’s summary. Part B: Characterization Holden tells us a lot about HIMSELF and his personal BELIEFS. Record 3 significant quotations from this week’s assigned reading. For each quote, write 3-5 sentences explaining why the quote is important and what it tells us about Holden.
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Unformatted text preview: Try for a variety of quotations about Holdens opinions/personal philosophy and facts/details about his life. Part C: Motifs There are a variety of motifs throughout this book that you can use to help you form a thesis for your final essay. For each weeks reading, choose 3 significant quotations that exhibit one (or several) of the following motifs: Adulthood vs. Childhood Purity and corruption Phoniness Religion/society/class Fear of Change Any other motif that you think might help you with the theme you choose for your theme essay (Must get this approved)...
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