Catcher Review- Oral Presentation

Catcher Review- - You will present your piece to the class on FRIDAY September 25 th Category Criteria Content 45 points Presenters’ opinions are

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Oral Presentation Persuasive Book Review of Catcher in the Rye Groups of 3-4 students First, decide whether you wish to promote this book or turn people away from it MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A REASON FOR YOUR OPINION! Things to consider: - What age group is this book appropriate for? Why? - What, specifically, are the reasons for you stance on support (or lack thereof) for the novel? - What specific evidence can you use from the novel to support your point? - What techniques can you use to persuade some to follow your advice and either read or steer clear from the novel? Your presentation MUST include: An Introduction Catch our attention! A Visual Mock reviews Rating system At least 2 quotations (with page numbers) from the text Shared Presentation Everyone must speak!! **You will also turn in a short outline of points to illustrate your planning.
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Unformatted text preview: You will present your piece to the class on FRIDAY, September 25 th . Category Criteria Content 45 points Presenters’ opinions are clear (pro or con?) Presenters provide evidence and rationale for their opinions. Presenters consider audience and the purpose of the novel in asserting their opinion/argument. Outline 20 points Outline is turned in at the end of the presentation and shows evidence of planning and organization. Who says what? What evidence is used? Etc. Presentation 35 points Presenters demonstrate professionalism and presentation skills. Speak Clearly Maintain Eye contact with the audience Demonstrate charisma Visual is neatly done and includes mock reviews, a rating system, and at least 2 quotations with page numbers. Pictures are encouraged!...
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