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Day 14- Block, Sep 16th, 17th

Day 14- Block, Sep 16th, 17th - LA11 American Literature...

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Unformatted text preview: LA11: American Literature and Composition Block Day, September 16th, 17th Block Day, September 16th, 17th Today's Objectives: Students will demonstrate understanding and ability to use new words as part of a working vocabulary. Students will demonstrate practice of the writing PROCESS through completion of a paper outline. Students will continue the writing PROCESS through the use of an outline to generate a first draft of a thesisdriven essay. Block Day, September 16th, 17th Today's Agenda: Vocabulary Quiz #3 Outline and Journal Check Break Writing Lab: Catcher Theme Essay! NEED TO HAVE AN OUTLINE DONE BY THE END OF THE CLASS PERIOD TODAY! (if you finish your outline, start drafting!) Vocabulary Words: Quiz 3 Remember: For each word, write a definition and sentence that demonstrates your understanding of the word. Bosom Raspy Beret Blas Inferiority Complex Sacrilegious Louse Flitty Boisterous Stagger Pneumonia Spontaneous Digression Pedagogical Provocative Appeal Block Day, September 16th, 17th Homework for This Weekend: None (unless you want to work on your paper). Enjoy your long weekend Block Day, September 16th, 17th On Deck for Next Week Monday: Writing Lab Tuesday: Peer Evaluation/Teacher Conferencing Block Day: Catcher wrap-up activity and Writing Lab/Conferencing Friday: Final revisions/Teacher Conferencing Paper due on MONDAY! ...
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