Day 07- Block Day Sep 2nd, 3rd

Day 07- Block Day Sep 2nd, 3rd - LA11 American Literature...

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Unformatted text preview: LA11: American Literature and Composition Block Day, September 2nd, 3rd Block Day, September 2 , 3 nd Today's Objectives: rd Students will be able to use new vocabulary words correctly in sentences that illustrate they understand the meaning. Students will draw personal connections to literature and practice writing skills. Students will analyze literature through discussion, working to recognize literature as a record of human experience. Students will analyze literature through discussion, picking apart motifs to generate themes and evaluate author's purpose. Block Day, September 2 , 3 nd rd Today's Agenda: Vocabulary Practice: Definitions, oral practice, FiZzLe! Break Socratic Seminar Vocabulary Practice Definitions: are we all on the same page? Oral usage: In pairs, discuss the questions on the back of your homework sheet. Make sure you can explain why you give the answer you do. FIZZLE! (Thank you, Mr. Henson ) FiZzLe! How To Play: The whole class stands in a circle One player starts the round by drawing a vocabulary word card. S/he reads the word aloud. The next player begins the spelling of the word, and turns move around the circle, each person adding a letter. (If you miss a letter and the next person knows it, you are fizzled out!) Once the word is spelled, the next person calls out fizzle. The next person in the line provides the definition of the vocabulary word (If you don't know the definition, and the next person does, you are fizzled out!) After we determine the definition, the next person uses the vocabulary word in a sentence THAT SHOWS THE MEANING. If you can't use the word correctly or your sentence does not demonstrate the meaning, you are fizzled out! Socratic Seminar: "Well, how do you know that?" Create a chart to help you take notes and participate in the discussion. Remember, these discussions ARE graded. Quote... Expl. Holden recog. when he is being childish, but he also acts as if he can't help it. Shows his struggle between being a kid in some ways and an adult in others. Sample Chart: Pg. # 45 "I told him to go... but I was mad as hell." Socratic Seminar: Questions from your quiz? Are your opinions of Holden changing as you progress through the text? How do you feel about him at this point? How are some of the people/big events in helping/hurting Holden on his journey of self-discovery? Motifs: what are you finding? What do you have questions about? Block Day, September 2 , 3 nd rd Homework for Tonight Vocabulary quiz on Friday Keep working on reading/journals Block Day, September 2 , 3 nd rd On Deck for Friday Vocabulary quiz Catcher ICW Activity ...
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