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Day 09- Tuesday Sep 8th

Day 09- Tuesday Sep 8th - LA11 American Literature and...

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Unformatted text preview: LA11: American Literature and Composition Tuesday, September 8th Tuesday, September 8 Today's Agenda: Quiz: Chapters 16-20 th Notes: Theme and Thesis Statements Writing a Theme Statement You all should have a decent idea about what a theme is. Can someone define it? Now you need to determine how to work that theme into a theme statement. First, you need to come up with some themes in Catcher... Possible Themes in Catcher in the Rye We are only 6 chapters away from finishing this novel. What are some possible themes you see surfacing? Brainstorm a list... GO! Writing a Theme Statement Someone give me an example of a theme you wrote about just now. Once you have your idea, think about what it is you were supposed to learn. What was the message J.D. Salinger was trying to teach about human kind? Writing a Theme Statement Now, transform that message into a statement: Take for example, a theme statement from The Kite Runner, which many of you read last year. Father/Son relationships are crucial in determining what kind of man a boy turns out to be. If a person does not atone for his mistakes, he will live a life burdened by guilt. Writing Your Own Theme Statement Pick one of the themes from the list you just brainstormed and write your own theme statement. Remember, a theme statement is not just a single word (ambition), but is the lesson about human kind that is supposed to be gained throughout the text (without restraint, ambition can lead to total destruction). Sharing Your Theme Statement Let's to do a quick whip-around! Tuesday, September 8 Homework for Tonight th Read and work on Catcher journals for next week. Ticket in the Door: 1 question for discussion, 1 thing you have learned from reading so far. Be thinking about Thesis statements for your papers!! Tuesday, September 8 On Deck for Block Day: Socratic Seminar Writing Activity th ...
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