Day 03- Block Day August 26th, 27th

Day 03- Block Day August 26th, 27th - LA11: American...

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Unformatted text preview: LA11: American Literature and Composition Block Day, August 26th, 27th Block Day, August 26 , 27 th th Today's Objectives Students will understand the setting of Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye to better understand Holden's experiences. Students will practice speaking about literature, discussing themes, and asking questions to aid in understanding and analysis of a text. Block Day, August 26 , 27 th th Today's Agenda Vocabulary assignments are due today!! Holden's Habitat: Team Challenge Slide show Socratic Seminar Socratic Seminar: Guiding Questions How do you identify with Holden? What experiences have you had that are similar? Do you like Holden? Why or why not? What motifs have you been tracking in your book? Why do you think they are important so far? What themes can you identify from these motifs? Socratic Seminar: Rules of Engagement You need your books! What does "participation" look/sound/feel like? Which behaviors are helpful in a Socratic seminar and which behaviors should we try to avoid? NOTES! This will really help you when it comes time to write your paper. Block Day, August 26 , 27 th th Homework for Tonight: Vocabulary Test on FRIDAY! Block Day, August 26 , 27 th th On Deck for Friday Vocabulary Quiz Catcher in the Rye activity ...
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