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Unformatted text preview: LA11: American Literature and Composition Monday, August 24th Monday August 24 Today's Objectives th Students will be exposed to new vocabulary that will help their understanding of Catcher in the Rye. Students will practice reading comprehension skills. Monday August 24 Today's Agenda th Turn in Where I'm From poems AND syllabus sheet in basket! Introduce part 1 vocabulary homework (due Block Day) Reading day Pick up textbooks Reading day continued... Vocabulary Homework Fore each word: Write a definition for the word that is 5 words or less. (This means you can not simply copy the definition from the dictionary... find it in the book, and define it based upon CONTEXT CLUES! Use the dictionary for support) Though you may know some of the words, define them anyway. We will come back to them in a discussion on how they fit into the larger context of the novel. TYPO: DUE BLOCK DAY, not tomorrow Monday August 24 Homework for Tonight th Catcher Quiz (chapters 1-7): Tomorrow!! Journal Check tomorrow! Post "Where I'm From" poem and discussion response on by tomorrow! Monday August 24 On Deck for Tomorrow Quiz: Chapters 1-7 Lesson: The Setting of Catcher Vocabulary practice th ...
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