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Adkisson, Final Exam Guidelines LA11- Fall 2009 LA11: American Literature- Final Exam Information The final will be in two parts 200 points of your total Major Assignment Grade. 1) Modern Transcendentalist Essay (due in class on BLOCK DAY, DEC 9/10 ) a. 125 POINTS 2) Artistic interpretation (to be presented during the final exam time ) a. 75 POINTS PART 1: Modern Transcendentalist Essay You will write a 3-4 page essay persuading your audience, through research and class notes, that your person of interest is a “modern transcendentalist.” Remember, your research subject will (most likely) NOT have all of the characteristics of every Transcendentalist piece we have read. Your task is to determine what Transcendentalist ideas s/he posses and displays, and then use your research and understanding of Transcendentalism and the person’s background/biographical information to argue how s/he could be considered a modern Transcendentalist. Like every paper you have completed for this class, you need an outline, at least one rough draft, a self- evaluation, a peer evaluation, and a receipt confirming the submission of your paper on Remember, you must use a MINIMUM of 5 academic sources for your research, and have a MINIMUM
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Final Exam info - Adkisson, Final Exam Guidelines LA11-...

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