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Paper Rewrite Procedure - Do you need to find better...

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Paper Rewrite Procedure A Three-Step Analysis Before you begin your Rewrite: 1. What was wrong? Use the comments from your teacher to analyze what you need to work on to improve. What were the areas where you struggled most? 2. What can I do to fix it? This is your plan of action. What steps will you take to correct the problems present in your original paper? Do you need to consult a grammar handbook?
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Unformatted text preview: Do you need to find better quotations that are more relative to your argument? After you finish rewriting your paper: 3. What did I learn? The purpose of rewriting a paper goes far beyond making some minor changes and getting a few extra points. Your focus should be on your learning. What can you take away from this experience that will help you with papers in the future?...
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