The 5 steps of analysis

The 5 steps of analysis - Interpret(Connect the message to...

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Adkisson, PreIB 10 World Literature, Fairview High School The 5 steps of analysis: (Don’t lose this! Keep it somewhere safe and accessible!) ONE: Identify (What is it?) E.g., There’s a metaphor in line 2 TWO: Comprehend (Do I understand what it says?) E.g., The metaphor in line 2 compares _________ to _________. THREE: Analyze (What message is conveyed?) E.g., This metaphor suggests that _____________. FOUR:
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Unformatted text preview: Interpret (Connect the message to something bigger in the text: a character, the plot, a major motif in the text, etc.) • E.g., This metaphor helps me to understand the main character better because _________. FIVE: Evaluate (What impact is created because of this?) • E.g., Think theme. What does it all mean? What’s the point? What does this all communicate? What can we learn from this?...
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