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PIB LA 10 Tentative Assignment Sheet Short Story Objectives : The student will be able to 1. identify and define the characteristics of the short story genre. 2. make inferences about plot, author’s purpose, cultural context, narrative technique, 3. identify recurring themes or motifs. 4. demonstrate competence in writing a comparison/contrast analysis of two stories. Monday, 5/10 Short Story Chart (Due Friday, 5/21) Short Story Notes Kafka Background Tuesday, 5/11 Conclude Short Story Notes Small Group Completion of SS Chart over “The Metamorphosis” Wednesday, 5/12 Student-Led Discussion over “The Metamorphosis” Thursday, 5/13 HW: Read p.904, de Maupassant, and “Two Friends,” pp.906- 912, and fill in Short Story Chart Friday, 5/14 Discussion of “Two Friends” HW: Read p.904, Chekhov, and “A Problem,” pp.928-936, and
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Unformatted text preview: fill in Short Story Chart Monday, 5/17 Student-Led Discussion of “A Problem” HW: Read p.1200, Marquez, and “The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World,” pp.1202-1210, and fill in short Story Chart Tuesday,5/18 Student Led- Discussion of “The Handsomest Drowned Man. .” HW: Read p.1230, Camus, and “The Guest,” pp.1232-1246, and fill in Short Story Chart Come to class Wednesday prepared for a Socratic Seminar Wednesday, 5/19 Socratic seminar over all short stories! Thursday, 5/20 Receive Timed Writing Prompts Small group discussion and preparation of outline for Friday’s Timed Writing Friday, 5/21 Timed Writing Short Story Chart Due! Monday – Thursday, 5/24-5/27 FINALS WEEK! Terms Test & Short Story Seminar It has been a pleasure working with each and every one of you this year!...
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