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World Poet Research Assignment (Due Monday, May 3 rd ) The Research Process: 1. Pick a Poet FROM THE LIST OF WORLD POETS (handed out in class on April 16 th ) 2. Choose three poems written by that poet to annotate and interpret. 3. You will need to complete background research on your poet and research on your poems- Use EBSCO and other academic research sites for this! What You Will Turn in: 1. The Basics: a. Introduction to your poet (1-2 pages) b. 3 poems, typed and legibly annotated (typed or in colored pen/symbols) c. Explanation of each poem (1 paragraph) i. What is it about? How do literary devices communicate meaning? How does author background influence the poem or your understanding of it. d. Research summaries for three articles used for your research on your poet/poems. See below for summary components. e. Your creative response i. Option 1: Unique poetic interpretation: write your own poem using one of your researched poems as a model. You must include at least 3 similarities to the
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Unformatted text preview: original. Include a clean copy of your unique interpretation, an annotated copy, and an explanation of how your work captures the devices or style of the original poet. ii. Option 2: Dramatic presentation of one of your authors poems (you will present this as part of your oral presentation). Include a detailed description of your dramatic interpretation and how you captured the devices, style, purpose, etc. of the original poem (approx 1 page). 2. Research Summary components: a. MLA citation to the source b. One paragraph summary of the article in your own words. c. 3-5 quotes from the article that are relevant to understanding your poet/poetry (use MLA parenthetical citations). d. A few sentences about how the research will help you with your interpretation. Poet: Creative Response Idea: Poem #1: Poem #2: Sources for Research Summaries: Poem #3: You will submit all of the above components with this sheet on top on MONDAY, MAY 3 RD ....
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