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Unit Goals and Objectives

Unit Goals and Objectives - Unit 3 Poetry from Around the...

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Unit 3: Poetry from Around the World Unit Goals, Objectives, Vocabulary, Assignment Descriptions, and Tentative Assignment Calendar Unit Goals and Objectives: 1. Knowledge a. Students will identify and define the types and characteristics of poetry as a genre. b. Students will gain an understanding of poetic terminology and technique (including figurative language, and musical devices) to help the m analyze various works of poetry. c. Students will gain in-depth information about a poet, his/her writing style, and the motivation behind his/her works. d. Students will develop their vocabulary 2. Analysis a. Students will analyze poetry for various literary devices and indentify recurring themes and motifs in poetry. b. Students will analyze a variety of poems both verbally and in writing. c. Students will demonstrate their analytical skills through a timed writing, oral presentations, and written assignments. 3. Presentation a.
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