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Tone Vocabulary Tone is the attitude of the author or narrator toward the characters, subject matter, or readers. Tone is closely connected with point of view. Words with particular connotations create specific tones. When you write about tone, make sure to identify individual words which contribute to it. Sentence structure can also contribute to tone; for example, repeated use of short, direct sentences creates a sense of tension. Punctuation can be a factor as well. The tone of a piece might contrast with the overall mood. Tone can be… Ambivalent Amused Angry Annoyed Apologetic Artificial Benevolent Bitter Blunt Bold Bossy Candid Celebratory
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Unformatted text preview: Childish Cold Complimentary Concrete Condescending Confused Deadpan Detached Didactic Direct Dramatic Dreamy Emotional Fanciful Fearful Formal Frustrated Indifferent Informal Instructional Irreverent Jaded Joyful Lively Melodramatic Mocking Nostalgic Seductive Pitying Vulgar Scholarly Objective Obsessive Passionate Peaceful Persuasive Precise Pretentious Proud Provocative Questioning Regretful Restrained Reverent Sarcastic Satirical Scholarly Scientific Self-deprecating Sentimental Sharp Shocking Somber Sympathetic Tired Urgent Warm Worshipful Remember…TONE is the narrator’s attitude....
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