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Adkisson, PreIB: World Literature and Composition Student-Led Discussion Guidelines For our unit with Yann Martel’s Life of Pi, you will have the opportunity to be in charge of a class discussion. These student-led discussions are taking place of the card question task from our unit on One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich and will be a great opportunity for you to explore a topic of interest. Three Main Goals for Your Discussion: 1. Design an activity that gets the class paging through the text looking for relevant text evidence to support the conversation. 2. Facilitate a conversation surrounding the main focus of your discussion. 3. Make it interactive and interesting: use active discussion, writing, etc. Your Responsibilities as Discussion Leader: 1) Develop an essential question that your discussion seeks to answer. Build all of your activities around that big question, and you will need to write your big question on the board/ overhead/powerpoint at the beginning of your discussion. If you need help creating your question, set up an appointment to speak with Ms. A. 2) Plan how the class will interact with the text in your discussion. Check out the list of sample activities included in this packet and use one or develop something similar. Whatever you come up with, be sure that it gets us paging through the text looking for relevant text evidence. 3) Plan how to facilitate the discussion. You need to have A PLAN . See the examples in this packet for some ideas of discussion formats to choose from (or develop one of your own, and if it’s really great, I’ll add it to the list!) 4) Plan how you will get the class reconnected to the essential question at the end. 5) After your presentation/discussion/activity, submit your committee’s plan and self evaluation  handout (included in this packet).
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Adkisson, PreIB: World Literature and Composition Activities to use or adapt: Keep in mind, you do not have to stick to these suggestions.  You can come up with your own ideas of activities as well.  Just make  sure they meet the requirement of getting students to work with the text! Get those ideas out! Objective: this activity will generate lots of ideas about a short text (poem, song lyrics, passage from a longer text, etc.) for discussion and analysis. Procedure: 1) Put the desks in a circle. 2) Read short text aloud to class. 3) Have each student write on a piece of paper, anonymously, one thing s/he found particularly interesting or significant about the text. 4) Have the students pass their papers one direction around the circle until their papers are several students away. 5) Going around the circle, have each student read what is on the paper in front of him/her AND comment on it (explain what s/he thinks about it). 6)
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Student-Led Discussion Guidelines - Adkisson, PreIB: World...

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