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Day 22- April 7th,8th - PreIB 10 World Lit and Comp Block...

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Unformatted text preview: PreIB 10: World Lit and Comp Block day, April 7th, 8th Block day, April 7th, 8th Today's Agenda Presentation from your counseling department Timed writing prompts/discussion Note to Absent Students You still need to take the timed writing on Friday! Make sure you get the prompts from a peer or email me and I will send you a copy!! TIMED WRITING: OUTLINE REQUIREMENTS ONE PAGE, MLA MARGINS, FONT, AND SPACING (1", 12 POINT, DOUBLE SPACE) THESIS STATEMENT CAN BE A COMPLETE SENTENCE NO OTHER COMPLETE SENTENCES PHRASES AND BULLETS ONLY! (THIS IS A BRIEF OUTLINE NOT A PAPER DRAFT!) QUOTATIONS YOU INTEND TO USE IN YOUR PAPER ARE INCLUDED ON THE OUTLINE (WITH PAGE NUMBERS FOR CITATION). THESE CAN BE FULL SENTENCES. YOU WILL NOT BRING YOUR BOOK TO THE TIMED WRITING. *** FAILURE TO FOLLOW THESE REQUIRMENTS WILL RESULT IN THE DISPOSAL OF YOUR OUTLINE. Block day, April 7th, 8th On Deck for Friday Friday LoP/ODITLOID comparative Timed Writing ...
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