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Day 21- April 6th - PreIB 10 World Lit and Comp Tuesday...

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Unformatted text preview: PreIB 10: World Lit and Comp Tuesday, April 6th Tuesday, April 6th Short Assembly Schedule Period Time 1 7:35 8:20 2 8:25 9:10 3 9:15 10:00 Survey 10:05 10:50 4 10:55 11:40 5 11:45 12:30 6 12:35 1:20 7 1:25 2:10 8 2:15 3:00 Tuesday, April 6th Today's Agenda Life of Pi Vocabulary Exam! When you finish your test, please work quietly until the end of the period Note to Absent Students You will need to make up the Vocabulary Test upon your return. Please make sure you schedule a time to do so as soon as possible. Tuesday, April 6th On Deck for the rest of this week: Block Day Counselor Presentation Timed Writing Prompts Socratic Seminar/timed writing prep Friday LoP/ODITLOID comparative Timed Writing ...
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