Day 08- March 2,3

Day 08- March 2,3 - PreIB 10 World Lit and Comp Life of Pi...

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Unformatted text preview: PreIB 10: World Lit and Comp Life of Pi Tuesday/Wednesday March 2nd/ 3rd, 2010 March 2nd/ 3rd, 2010 Today's Objectives Students will use time wisely to read and complete tasks associated with Life of Pi. March 2nd/ 3rd, 2010 Today's Agenda: Reading Day You can also work on your vocabulary or journals, but it should be SILENT work time. Remember: WE WILL BE REGISTERING FOR CLASSES THE NEXT TIME YOU HAVE THIS CLASS. BE SURE YOU HAVE ALL OF YOUR SIGNATURES! Note to Absent Students Stay up to date on your reading. Make sure your registration sheet is all signed and ready to roll tomorrow! March 2nd/ 3rd, 2010 Homework for tonight: Chapters through 91 are due next class On deck for Thurs (per 3) and Fri (per 4,8): Course Registration Student Led Discussion Comparison Activity: Pi and ODITLOID. period! Vocabulary Check: 2545 due next class ...
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