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Unformatted text preview: out the presentation. Plan how the class will INTERACT WITH THE TEXT. Plan how to FACILITATE the discussion Plan how you will RECONNECT TO THE ESSENTIAL QUESTION at the end. Set up a short meeting with me a day or two BEFORE YOU PRESENT to make sure your essential question is strong and your plan is complete. SUBMIT your plan and selfevaluation after your presentation. STUDENTLED DISCUSSION GUIDELINES Examples of Activities and Discussion Protocols: In the SLD guidelines on my website, there are several examples to get you started. Do not feel limited by these in fact, I encourage you to branch out so we don't get the same presentation over and over. Other ideas not mentioned in the handout, but included last year: symbolic modeling (using modeling clay), worksheets to guide thinking and write down text evidence, Postit note posters, Gallery Walk, etc. STUDENTLED DISCUSSION GUIDELINES Use your annotation guides to help you focus your attention on something important in this text! Use the reader/author purpose posters in the classroom...
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