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Day 02- Feb 17,18 - PreIB 10 World Lit and Comp Life of Pi...

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Unformatted text preview: PreIB 10: World Lit and Comp Life of Pi Block Day, February 17th,18th 2010 Block, February 17th, 18th Today's Objectives: Students will use research strategies to build background knowledge to aid in reading Life of Pi. author's purpose. Students will use background knowledge to establish Students will determine their own purpose for reading. Block, February 17th, 18th Today's Agenda: Writing Lab Break Establishing Reader's Purpose and Author's Purpose Reading Time Block, February 17th, 18th Note to Absent Students Please complete the background research questions in this PowerPoint (on the "Writing Lab" slide. annotation, and vocabulary. Keep up to date with your reading, In the Writing Lab: Instructions: Use the beginning of this class period to do some research to build your background knowledge before really engaging with the text. As you search for information, write notes on your own paper (or on a word template on the computer). You will come back to these notes in various class discussions, for journal entries, during your studentled discussions, and during your final reflection. The Author: Yann Martel What information can you find about Yann Martel that you find particularly interesting or important? How have Martel's experiences and beliefs shaped this novel? The Novel: Life of Pi What basic information can you find about this novel? Is it fiction or nonfiction? What is the basic story about? When was it published? What do literary critics say about this novel? Use quality sources (newspapers, literary review boards, Award Associations, etc.), not simply charged personal reactions. If you would like to find personal reactions as well, look at several and see what patterns, etc. you can find. What are some possible themes that come up with regards to Life of Pi? Which of these proposed themes is most interesting to you, personally? Setting a Purpose: Establish both author and reader purpose for this novel. Based on the research you did today, what is the author's purpose? What is(are) your reader's purpose(s) for your work with this novel over the next two months? (Keep in mind Unit Goals) Block, February 17th, 18th Please make a display for your author and reader purposes. We will post these on the wall as a reference and reminder throughout the unit. When you have finished your purpose poster, use the remainder of the class period to read silently in your text. Block, February 17th, 18th Homework for Friday: Stay up on your Reading! Vocab check #1 on FRIDAY!! Block, February 17th, 18th On Deck for Friday: Guest: Mr. Bessett and The IB Diploma Literacy of World Religions Vocabulary DUE (A.N. through Ch. 4) You can read while I am checking vocab ...
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