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Unformatted text preview: PreIB 10: World Literature and Composition Friday, February 12th Friday, February 12 th Today's Agenda Happy Bonus Day MiniLesson: Paper Prep and Grading Rubric Time to work on your essay! Today is a work day dedicated to working on your paper. Use the time wisely to get feedback, make revisions, etc. Note to absent students Today you are missing time to work on your essay. You will have to work on it at home, on your own. Final draft is STILL DUE TUESDAY! Review the slides in this PowerPoint about common mistakes Happy Bonus Day: Valentine's Day 15% of U.S. women do this for themselves on Valentine's Day Which Roman Goddess is Cupid's mother? The "I Love You" computer virus was detected on May 1, 2000. In four days the virus had mutated into three different generations. Figures by Trend Micro Inc. showed that "I Love You" had infected 3.1 million computers worldwide. In what major world city was the virus detected? What are We Still Struggling With? Quote Integration P/A Agreement MLA Format Commas Titles "So What" Tense FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS QUOTE INTEGRATION Quotations should NEVER stand alone as their own sentence. They need to be introduced by your own words, incorporated into the flow of a sentence, or followed with your own words. Ex: Alyoshka religiously reads "the notebook into which he had copied half the New Testament" (25), which evidently sustains him. Ex: Fetyukov is the one that scavenges for cigarette ashes to satisfy his body aches, due to his nicotine starved body, and even goes as far as to "tip them out of the spittoon" (51) to get them. P/A AGREEMENT The subject pronoun of the sentence and the antecedent it refers to must be the same with regards to being singular or plural. Not Ok: Everyone has a code of ethics, philosophy for life, and a moral compass to show them what they believe is right and wrong. How it could be better: "All people have a code of ethics, philosophy for life, and a moral compass to show them what they believe is right and wrong" OR: "Everyone has a code of ethics, philosophy for life, and a moral compass to show him what he believes is right and wrong" MLA FORMAT Heading (left hand corner page 1): Your Name Teacher Name Class Name Date Header (Right hand corner every page!): Last name followed by page number Adkisson 2 WORKS CITED (Yes, you need it!): Alphabetical If your citation takes two lines, INDENT 2 LINE! First word in citation should match your intext citation! ND Commas Remember, there are 6 types of commas: introductory (1), interrupting (2), afterthought (3), compound (4), series (5), equal modifiers (6). See your handout for examples! Watch out for comma splices! Comma Splices join two independent clauses (NO!). You should use a semicolon or a comma WITH A COORDINATING CONJUNCTION (FANBOYS). Titles You have not been getting docked for not having an engaging title in this class. However, titles are IMPORTANT and you should take some time to write a good one! Stories of students papers being picked/awarded/valued because of strong titles!! So What? Don't forget the "So What"! As you read through your paper (or a classmate's paper), consider whether you can ask "so what" at the end of the paragraph. Does the point tie back to the thesis statement to prove the reason for the analysis?? Tense All writing about literature should be in present tense! Shukov hides his trowel (not Shukov hid his trowel) Bet drops Arnold off at the hospital and asks the taxi driver to stay (not dropped or asked) Make sure you do not switch tenses throughout the paper! Following Directions PLEASE?!?! MLA FORMAT (WITH WORKS CITED) NO MORE THAN 5 PAGES (WITH A WORKS CITED PAGE) TURNITIN.COM, PRINT RECEIPT, ATTACH RECEIPT TO THE PAPER AND HAND IN ON TUESDAY!!! Friday, February 12 Homework for this weekend: th Final Draft of your Lit Analysis is due on Tuesday. DON'T FORGET TO SUBMIT TO TURNITIN.COM AND PRINT OUT THE RECEIPT TO SUBMIT WITH YOUR FINAL COPY AND YOUR ROUGH DRAFT! Remember, no school on Monday! Friday, February 12 On Deck for Tuesday: th COURSE SELECTION DISCUSSION: THE BIG DIFFERENCES BETWEEN AP, IB, AND CP CLASSES. BEGIN LIFE OF PI! ...
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