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Unformatted text preview: PreIB 10: World Literature and Composition Friday, February 5th 2010 Friday, February 5 Today's Agenda th Definition Paragraphs are due today! Please submit them to the proper bin! discussion board Explanation of Descriptive Paragraph Finish Card Questions through page 121. Per 4 survey Friday, February 5 A note to absent students: th Don't forget to turn in your Definition Paragraph Pick up the Descriptive Paragraph Guidelines upon your return Make sure to get the card question notes from someone upon your return. Descriptive Paragraph All Mr. Lorry is is a business man. Everything about him secretes this image. Mr. Lorry looks at everything as a matter of business. Every time Mr. Lorry becomes flustered, he reminds himself to think of things as a matter of business and nothing more. He is nervous, almost scared, to have a personal connection. His behavior is not the only thing that represents this. His clothing is also very formal and serious. He maintains a very neat look: brown, fitted stockings, buckled shoes, a watch, and a white wig. The wig might represent the hidden side of Mr. Lorry. Underneath a seemingly controlled and perfect exterior is a more personal side that is rarely seen and always covered up and rearranged, as is his wig. The shoes and fitted stockings show that he must look good at all times, as does any man of business. The watch shows that he has places to be and appointments to keep. Friday, February 5 th Card Questions REMEMBER TO BE ANNOTATING YOUR TEXT AS PEOPLE RESPOND! YOU SHOULD ALSO BE COMPLETING YOUR CHARACTER CHART THIS IS A GREAT TIME TO START THINKING ABOUT A TOPIC FOR YOUR FINAL ESSAY!! Friday, February 5 Homework for This weekend: th Read Pages 143165 Journal #2 is Due on Monday! Come to class on Monday with a character in mind to use for your descriptive paragraph! It would help for you to come with several passages picked out to aid you in your description. Friday, February 5 On Deck for Monday: th Descriptive Paragraph writing: You can use this time to write or receive feedback if you want feedback, come with a draft! Card Questions ...
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