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Unformatted text preview: PreIB 10: World Literature and Composition Tuesday, January 19th Tuesday, January 19 Today's Objectives: th Students will understand the goals and expectations for the ODITLOID unit. Students will gain background knowledge to aid in their understanding oand reading of the text. Tuesday, January 19 Today's Agenda: Ivan Syllabus Explanation ODITLOID background th Read the forward and introduction to ODITLOID Tuesday, January 19 Note to absent Students: th Make sure to pick up a syllabus from me upon your return. Check with classmates about background notes you missed. Read forward and introduction tonight. Pick up Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn article upon your return. Tuesday, January 19 th Homework for Tonight: Read "Meet Alexandr Solzhenitsyn" On Deck for Block Day: Finish Background Info (Journey through the gulags) Ivan research presentation guidelines and topic selection. ...
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