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Artistic Interp Final Exam - Adkisson PIB 10 World...

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Adkisson, PIB 10 World Literature, Fall 2009 PIB 10 World Literature Final Exam Information The final will be in two parts totaling 20% of your semester grade: 1) Timed writing (in class on Friday, December 11, 100 points) 2) Artistic interpretation (to be presented during the final exam time, 100 points) Timed writing information: On Friday, December 11, you may bring to use one piece of paper with information typed, single spaced, 12 point font, on ONE side of the page o on your page, you may have text quotes (w/page numbers) from TOTC that you want to use in your essay (you will not be permitted to use your book during the final) your response outlined ( NO full sentences or paragraphs ) your thesis (as the only full sentence permitted) Note: I will provide paper for you to write your response upon. The prompts will be posted in class on Tuesday December 8 th and on Ms. A’s FHS webpage. You will choose one to write upon for the timed writing. We will work with the prompts in class a bit on Tuesday, and you will have the second half of block day to
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Artistic Interp Final Exam - Adkisson PIB 10 World...

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