Unit Calendar- updated due to snow days

Unit Calendar- updated due to snow days - HW: get...

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Friday, October 30 Act V Quiz HW: come prepared Monday to work on your theme presentation 31/1 2 Work on Theme Presentations HW: Theme Presentations on Block! 3 Begin Theme Presentations 4/5 Finish Theme Presentations Socratic Seminar Hand out timed writing prompts HW: prepare outline for timed writing 6 Macbeth Timed Writing
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Unformatted text preview: HW: get permission slip signed for film 7/8 9 Drama Essay Work Day (Indiv. Conferences) Library Computers 10 Work on Essay Library Computers Film Permission Slip Due 11 NO SCHOOL 12 Watch Macbeth Film 13 Final Essay Due! Optional CP due Finish Macbeth Film 14/15...
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