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Adkisson, Pre IB World Literature: Fall 2009 PRESENTATIONS WILL TAKE PLACE Tuesday, 11/3 Macbeth: Themes Presentations An Exercise in Active Annotation As you read Macbeth, you will be tracking one particular theme. At the end of the play, you will share your findings with the rest of the class. Your job is to teach the class about your theme so they are prepared to write a response during the timed writing on 10/24. Your Task: Your small group will prepare a short presentation on the theme assigned to you. Your presentation should explain what your theme is, describe how it works in the play, and provide specific quotations and textual evidence to support it. Your presentation will take place on TUESDAY 11/3 You will have a little bit of class time to meet with your group, but will need to divide responsibility to make sure all pieces of the task get completed. Specific Criteria and Grading Scale: Category Criteria Grade Explanation (35 points) - Your team has developed an advanced theme statement in
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