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Oedipus Creative Project Options Major assignment; 40 points You will be completing a creative project for Macbeth Pick one of the following projects for Macbeth . You may not do the same project you did for Oedipus! Due November 13th! An illustrated children’s book (10-15 pages) depicting the storyline of the play. A newspaper article, minimum of 3 paragraphs. Must be TYPED! o A headline story o An obituary column containing the obituaries of 2 or more characters o A “Dear Withces” column containing letters submitted by 2 or
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Unformatted text preview: more characters AND answers from the witches to those letters. • 3 Diary entries (a minimum of 1 paragraph per entry), for one of the following characters. MUST BE TYPED! o Macbeth o Lady Macbeth o Banquo o Witches *REMEMBER: This is a MAJOR assignment, which means it is demonstrating your understanding of plot, characters and theme. Take your time with these, but don’t forget to have a little fun!...
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