Day 04- Monday, Oct 26th

Day 04- Monday, Oct 26th - PreIB 10 World Literature and...

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Unformatted text preview: PreIB 10: World Literature and Composition Monday, October 26th Monday, October 26th Today's Objectives: Students will demonstrate knowledge and understanding about plot, character in Shakespeare's Macbeth. Students will continue to annotate for various themes in preparation for a thematic presentation (Friday) Students will practice reading with oral fluency to demonstrate understanding of character actions, motivations, and plot. Monday, October 26th Today's Agenda: Act 3 Review: Any Questions?? Quiz, Act 3 (You will begin your scantron answers at #30) Begin Reading Act 4: remember to annotate for your theme presentation material! Note to Absent Students Read Act 4! You will need to make up the Act 3 quiz upon your return. Today's Cast (Act 4 p. 99129 Act 4, Scene 1: First Witch Second Witch Third Witch Hecate Macbeth First Apparition Second Apparition Third Apparition Lennox Lady Macduff Ross Son Messenger Murderer Act 4, Scene 3: Malcolm Macduff Doctor Ross Act 4, Scene 2: Monday, October 26th Homework for Tonight Prepare for Theme Presentation (Friday) Rubric in Unit Packet Finish Reading Act 4 QUIZ TOMORROW! (See next slide for study tips!) **Heads up: Quiz over book 1 of Tale of Two cities is on Monday, Nov. 16th. If you know you are a slower reader, you might want to get started. I will hand out annotation guides later this week! Study tips for Quiz 4 What are the prophesies the witches give to Macbeth this time? How do they appear? Malcolm tests Macduff's loyalty by laying out all of the reasons he can not return and be king. What are his reasons? Macduff? What is Macduff's reaction? Who does he blame? What does Macbeth do to eliminate the threat of Monday, October 26th On Deck for This Week Tuesday Act 4 Quiz Begin Reading Act 5 Block Day Act 5 Quiz Writing Invitation #9 Preparation for Themes Presentation Themes Presentations!! Friday ...
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