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Unformatted text preview: PreIB 10: World Literature and Composition Friday, October 23rd Friday, October 23rd Today's Objectives: Students will reflect on their own work and the work of their peers to improve their analysis of literary devices. Students will demonstrate understanding of plot and character action in Macbeth. Students will continue to annotate for a specific theme to help them prepare for their theme presentation. Friday, October 23rd Today's Agenda: Hand Back Papers!!! Dante Journal Recap: What to think about for next time Quiz: Macbeth (Act II) Begin Reading Macbeth (Act III) Note to Absent Students Read the example slides carefully and make notes for how to improve your analysis of literary devices! up the Act II Quiz. MONDAY! You will need to schedule a time to make Keep up on your reading: Act III quiz on Dante Journals: Why are we looking for (and explaining) these things? 1. 1. To demonstrate understanding of allegory To develop an appreciation for the complexity behind Dante's work and understand how it was used (helps determine author's purpose) To help you go beyond surface level thinking (identification) and develop more critical reading and analysis skills to help you better understand complicated texts in the future. 1. If these things are so important, why is it a completion grade? 1. Since I was not here last week to directly teach you about these things, you are still in a bit of an experimentation phase. It would not be right to punish you for my absence. Most of you did well with some parts of this journal, but greatly struggled with others. So, you get points for attempting (an important step in the learning process), but have room to improve. You will be more heavily graded on these skills with future texts this year (Tale of Two Cities, Life of Pie, Poetry, etc.), and you need to have practice understanding and developing those skills before being heavily assessed on them. In other words, don't worry... the big grades are coming 1. 1. **Hint you might want to make note of the following suggestions to prepare you for these later tasks!! Dante Journals: What you did well, and what you can do to improve You guys do a great job IDENTIFYING the device. Symbol (Yay!) You did a decent job of explaining what is being compared/illustrated. The wolf is being compared to greed (Eh... ok, but how?) We need to work on explaining HOW IT WORKS. A wolf is hungry and eats everything so it is greedy, just like humans can be, so it is a symbol for human greed (Eew... um, why did Dante use this symbol? How does it affect the audience? Why is this symbol used instead of another? Etc....) What does a thorough response look like? One of your classmates will show you: Device: Metaphor Comp/Ill: The ability of humans to cope with hardships is being compared to fleeing from wild animals. (See how it goes beyond "sins are compared to animals" ?) How it works: When Dante runs into three fierce animals the leopard, the lion, and the shewolf he flees from them instead of staying and fighting against them. His fear gets the best of him, whereas, if this was a heroic epic, Dante would remain and defeat the animals. However, Dante's flight is a metaphor for the way humans often deal with their problems. Instead of staying to confront them, we often look for the simplest way out and tell ourselves that we'll confront life's hardships later, when we have more courage and valor. Dante's flight also helps readers connect to him in a more personal way because he acts as we do." Another example: how does allusion work?? Device: allusion Comp/Ill: In this first circle of Hell, Dante sees Pope Celestine V, who is alluded to by a description of his great failure. How it works: People during Dante's time would have known that he was referring to Pope Celestine V when he mentions the "Great Denial." This was when he renounced his title as a pope because he became scared of the world. Again, Celestine V represents how the first circle of Hell is reserved for those who show cowardice in life and, therefore, don't live their life to it's full extent. One More... Device: Symbol AND Allusion Comp/Ill: Satan is referred to as the Great Worm of Evil, which references to the fact that Jewish people who lived during Jesus' time though of Hell as similar to Gehenna, a garbage dump near Jerusalem. How it works: Gehenna was believed to be a place of evil, sin, and, therefore, death. It was overrun with the carcasses of dead animals, and so maggots and other worms thrived there. Since Satan is referred to as the Great Worm of Evil, this could be alluding to the fact that he is the leader of all the other worms and Gehenna. He is the epitome of sin and things dead. Moving on to Macbeth: Questions following your reading of Act II? Today we will read part of Act III Banquo Macbeth Lady Macbeth Servant Murderers (First, Second, Third) Friday, October 23rd Homework for Tonight Finish Reading Act III QUIZ MONDAY!! Friday, October 23rd On Deck for Monday Quiz over Act III Begin Reading Act IV ...
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