Day 02- Block, Oct 21st-22nd

Day 02- Block, Oct 21st-22nd - PreIB 10 World Literature...

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Unformatted text preview: PreIB 10: World Literature and Composition Block Day, October 21st, 22nd Block, October 21st, 22nd Today's Objectives: Students will demonstrate understanding of plot and characters in Shakespeare's Macbeth. Students will continue to annotate for specific themes in preparation for a theme presentation and timed writing. Students will present their own creative writing and give feedback to peers regarding their writing. Block, October 21st, 22nd Today's Agenda: Macbeth review/Quiz (Act I) Themes annotation groups Begin Reading Macbeth, Act II BREAK and Prep for Writing Invitation Share Writing Invitation Share Note to Absent Students Be sure to hand in your creative writing invitation upon your return. You will need to make up the Act I quiz when you get back. Stay up to date on your reading... Act II quiz on Friday Block, October 21st, 22nd Homework for Tonight Finish reading Act II Act II Quiz on FRIDAY! Block, October 21st, 22nd On Deck for Friday Act II Quiz Begin reading Act III ...
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