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Unit 2: Drama- Oedipus the King TENTATIVE 3-week Schedule Monday (Roots) Tuesday (Lit Terms) Block Day (Lit Term Search, Poetry) Friday (Journal) Weekend 21 Writing Lab: Finish Hero Paper 22 OTK- Background notes/handouts Explanation of Character List (Due 10/7-8) and Creative Project (due 10/5) 23/24 Writing Invitation #5 Background reading jigsaw experts Explanation of reading protocol Begin OTK 25 OTK (469-479) Trivia 1 26/27 28 OTK (479-489) Trivia 2 29 Commas and Roots Quiz 1 OTK (489-499) 30/1 Part 1 Vocab and Content Quiz Writing Invitation #6
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Unformatted text preview: OTK (503-513) Trivia 3 2 OTK (513-524) Trivia 4 3/4 5 Part 2 Vocab and Content Quiz Aristotles’s Poetics Handout 6 Commas and Roots Quiz 2 Components of Tragedy Concept Map Presentations! Work on Journal, Character List, Creative Project 7/8 Journal Due! (Terms and Characters) Writing Invitation #7 Socratic Seminar: Be prepared to discuss OTK, both in terms of action and in terms of Aristotelian tragedy. 9 Creative Project DUE!!! Timed Writing (Completed in Class) 10/11...
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