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Day 9- Tuesday Oct 6th

Day 9- Tuesday Oct 6th - PreIB10 World Literature and...

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Unformatted text preview: PreIB10: World Literature and Composition Tuesday, October 6th Tuesday, October 6 Today's Objectives: th Students will demonstrate understanding of various root words. Students will demonstrate proper comma usage and identification of comma function. Students will work to conceptualize Aristotle's components of tragedy. Students will use time wisely to make progress on longterm assignments. Tuesday, October 6 Today's Agenda Rootie Tootie Comma Quiz #2 th Work time: Aristotle's Poetics, Journals (terms/examples, character descriptions, Creative Projects) Note to Absent Students You will need to make up the Roots/Comma Quiz # 2 Keep working on your journals and creative projects. Tuesday, October 6 Homework for Tonight: th Journal (terms/examples, character chart) due Friday. Tragedy concept map (due block day) Creative Project (due Friday). You will have some time in class on Tuesday to work on these things. Tuesday, October 6 On Deck for Block Day Writing Invitation #7 Concept Map Presentations Socratic Seminar th ...
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