Day 8- Monday Oct 5th

Day 8- Monday Oct 5th - PreIB10 World Literature and...

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Unformatted text preview: PreIB10: World Literature and Composition Monday, October 5th Monday, October 5 Today's Objectives: th Students will demonstrate comprehension of Sophocles' Oedipus Rex. Students will continue to learn roots to improve word acquisition and understand and idenify proper use of commas. Students will understand, identify, and conceptualize Aristotle's components of tragedy. Monday, October 5 Today's Agenda Oedipus Quiz Part 2 (any questions?) Rootie Tootie Comma Practice Aristotle's Poetics Notes/handout Concept Maps th Note to Absent Students You will need to make up the Oedipus Quiz (Part 2) Copy down roots for today and prepare for tomorrow's quiz. Pick up a comma practice sheet when you come back. You will also need to pick up the components of tragedy handouts and join in a group upon your return. Monday, October 5 Quiz instructions Remember, this goes in the MAJOR ASSIGNMENTS category. th Use the same scantron from quiz #1 Start at #21 on your scantron Test Question Scantron Answer 1 2 10 21 22 30 Monday, October 5 Today's Roots AM Love th NOM/NYM Name PET Seek, strive, move forward CED/CES Go, yield MIT/MISS Send, let go Monday, October 5th Comma Practice: Try on your own. After you have given it a shot, compare with a partner We will go over answers/explanations as a class. Aristotle's Components of Tragedy In a small group (3-4 people) create a concept map illustrating your understanding of Aristotle's Components of Tragedy. How are they related? Is there a central element? A main goal? Include examples of each from Oedipus. You will present these on Monday. Monday, October 5th Homework for Tonight: Journal (terms/examples, character chart) due Friday. Tragedy concept map (due block day) Creative Project (due Friday). You will have some time in class on Tuesday to work on these things. Monday, October 5 On Deck for Tomorrow Roots and Comma Quiz #2 Work time th Tragedy concept maps (due block day) Creative Project (due Friday) Journals (due FRIDAY- this is a change from the schedule... note it!) ...
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