Day 7- Friday Oct 2

Day 7- Friday Oct 2 - PreIB 10: World Literature and...

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Unformatted text preview: PreIB 10: World Literature and Composition Friday, October 2nd Friday, October 2 Today's Objectives: nd Students will understand and identify correct comma usage. Students will learn roots to help vocabulary acquisition. Students will read with inflection to demonstrate understanding of plot, characters, and dramatic irony. Friday, October 2 Today's Agenda: Rootie Tootie Comma Practice Trivia #4 Recap Pages 503-513 Finish Oedipus Rex (p. 513-524) nd A Note to Absent Students Finish reading Oedipus Rex (Quiz Monday) Copy down the roots for today (Quiz Tuesday) Upon your return, pick up the comma practice sheet from me. Your quiz on Tuesday will cover commas as well! Today's Roots COGN/GNO/SCI Know FLU/FLUX Flow, Change LUC/LUM Shine, Light CLUD/CLUS Close SED/SID/SESS Sit Comma Practice Most missed on the quiz: Afterthoughts This is additional information, added on to what can already be a sentence. Is not a complete sentence (no subj./verb). Compound sentences Two independent clauses (each has a subject/verb and can stand alone) joined together by a comma and a coordinating conjunction (FANBOYS) or a semicolon. Friday, October 2 Oedipus Trivia #4 nd Fifth century B.C., Athens, Greece (Sophocles @495 B.C. 406 B.C.) supported free speech which led to a shift from a focus on the authority of spiritual powers (the gods) to a focus on the power of reason to solve the mysteries of existence: "the gods might be regarded s psychological forces within man or as allegorical expressions of nature." Friday, October 2 Today's Cast (p. 514-524) Second Messenger Chorus Oedipus Creon nd Friday, October 2 Homework for this weekend nd Finish Oedipus! (Quiz over part 2 plot and vocab on MONDAY) Study roots and commas (Quiz TUESDAY) Be working on your long term projects! Remember, Journals due block day, creative projects due Friday. Friday, October 2 On Deck for Next Week: Monday Oedipus Part 2 Quiz (content and vocab) Aristotle's Poetics Roots and Commas Quiz Work on Concept Maps, Journals, Creative Project nd Tuesday Block Writing Invitation #7 (you will share your best piece on Oct. 21/22) Present Concept Maps Socratic Seminar JOURNAL DUE (terms and characters) Friday Timed Writing ...
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