Day 4- Monday Sep 28th

Day 4- Monday Sep 28th - PreIB 10: World Literature and...

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Unformatted text preview: PreIB 10: World Literature and Composition Monday, September 28th Monday, September 28th Today's Objectives Students will continue to learn some root words to improve vocabulary and word acquisition. Students will practice using commas and identifying correct and incorrect comma usage. Students will practice oral reading fluency (including inflection an intonation) to better experience Oedipus Rex and demonstrate comprehension of plot. Monday, September 28th Today's Agenda Roots #3 Comma Practice Trivia #2 Read Oedipus Rex A Note To Absent Students - Keep up on your reading of Oedipus Rex (today's reading: 479-489) - We have a roots/commas quiz tomorrow!! Today's Roots MOR/MORT Death, die AC/ACR Sharp, harsh/bitter JUG/JUNCT Join, connect FORM/MORPH shape FID Faith, trust Comma Practice Quiz For each sentence, if the comma is in the right place, number it and/or write the type of comma (i.e. 1, introductory element) If the comma is in the wrong place, correct it and number the correct comma and/or write the type of comma. Monday, September 28th Oedipus Trivia #2 Augur: A seer or soothsayer who can prophesy and, at sacrifices, performs the reading of the entrails. He dips his hands into the body cavity of the sacrificed animal and scoops out the warm, wriggling heart and intestines. As one might read tea leaves, the augur determines one's fate by the "wiggle." Monday, September 28th Today's Reading (479-489) OEDIPUS TEIRESIAS CHORUS CREON Monday, September 28th Homework for Tonight Roots and Comma Quiz tomorrow!! Finish Reading not completed in class today (179-189) ...
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