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Day 3- Friday Sep 25th

Day 3- Friday Sep 25th - PreIB 10 World Literature and...

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Unformatted text preview: PreIB 10: World Literature and Composition Friday, September 25th Friday, September 25 Today's Objectives: th Students will continue to learn some root words to improve vocabulary and word acquisition. Students will practice using commas and identifying correct and incorrect comma usage. Students will practice oral reading fluency (including inflection an intonation) to better experience Oedipus Rex and demonstrate comprehension of plot. Friday, September 25 Today's Agenda Rootie Tootie Comma Practice Oedipus Trivia #1 Begin Reading Oedipus Rex th Note to Absent Students Make sure to keep up on your reading (you will need to have p. 469-479 done for Monday) Study roots and commas (quiz Tuesday) Be thinking about your long-term projects (character chart, terms entry, creative project...) Today's Roots VID/VIS See CAP/CIP Head FAC Make, do PLAC/PLEAS Please, Calm REG/RECT Ruling, Straight Comma Practice Review: Number the comma Doctors are required, by law, to disclose the risks of surgery to their patients. 2 Every day, people do the right thing. 1 I am often confused by the complicated, frustrating problems I have with computers. 6 My arch enemy from high school asked me to be her friend on facebook, a social networking site. 3 We had choir, drama, and language arts together, and we were always in competition with one another. 4, 5 Oedipus Trivia #1: The Major Greek Gods King Queen, Sister, Wife Goddess of War and Wisdom God of the Sun Goddess of the Hunt (Apollo's Sister) Goddess of Beauty God of the Sea God of Armor Messenger God God of War God of the Underworld Zeus Hera Athena Apollo Artemis Aphrodite Poseidon Hephaestus Hermes Ares Hades Today's Cast: P. 469-479 OEDIPUS PRIEST CREON CHORUS: WHOLE CLASS Friday, September 25 Homework for this weekend: th Finish reading we did not complete in class (469-479) Commas/Roots Quiz #1 on Tuesday! Long Term Projects Creative Project Journal (terms and characters) Friday, September 25 On Deck for Monday More Roots More Comma Practice Trivia #2 Oedipus Reading! th ...
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