Day 10- Block Oct 7th, 8th

Day 10- Block Oct 7th, 8th - PreIB10 World Literature and...

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Unformatted text preview: PreIB10: World Literature and Composition Block day, October 7th,8th Block day, October 7 ,8 th Today's Objectives: th Students will use literary models to inform their sense of style and improve their writing. Students will work to conceptualize Aristotle's components of tragedy, and thing critically about Oedipus Rex in terms of Aristotle's Poetics. Students will think critically about Oedipus Rex and prepare to organize their analysis into a well-supported analytical essay. Block day, October 7 ,8 th th Today's Agenda Writing Invitation #7 10 minutes to prep presentation ...Socratic Seminar Explanation of timed writing Concept Map presentations, leading into... Note to Absent Students Go ahead and complete the writing invitation on your own. You will need to post on the discussion board to get credit for the Socratic seminar. You can use the prompts in this PowerPoint, start your own topic relating to Oedipus, or respond to a peer's post. You have your timed writing tomorrow! Make sure to print the prompts off of my website and follow the directions for your planning sheet!!! Today's Model: Using What You Know Sometimes it is helpful to pull from something you are familiar with and use that familiarity to add a new twist or communicate your own message. Several authors have used famous works (especially fairy tales) to influence their own writing (though, as always, they must be cautious about copyright laws!) Today we will be reading a version of Snow White from a collection of "contemporary feminist fairy tales in North America and England" called Don't Bet on the Prince. What is similar to traditional versions of Snow White? What stands out in this particular version, and what might the author's purpose be? Writing Invitation #7 Would you like to pick a fairy tale or other wellknown story and use it to communicate your own message? How can you use commonly understood elements to assert a new position? OR Work to re-write one of your previous works. (Your writer's workshop time next week will be used solely for this, so don't feel pressured to get that done today) Block day, October 7 ,8 th Timed Writing You will receive your prompts today. th You are allowed to bring a planning sheet in with you on Friday. Your planning sheet MUST MEET THESE REQUIREMENTS: Typed, 12 point font (Times New Roman), 1" margins. Only one side of the sheet may be used. You can have NO COMPLETE SENTENCES- bullets and phrases only- with the exception of your thesis statement and the quotes you plan to use. This means you do not need to bring your book to class! Block day, October 7 ,8 th Socratic Seminar Prompts th Do you agree with Aristotle? Is Oedipus the epitome of a "tragedy?" Any terms you were missing in your journal? Any you were not quite sure about? Reflect on the presentations of the concept maps. Want to make an argument? Anything you would like to talk about with regards to the timed writing prompts? Block day, October 7 ,8 th th Homework for Tonight: Timed Writing tomorrow! Journal (terms/examples, character chart) due tomorrow. Creative Project (due tomorrow!). Block day, October 7th,8th On Deck for Friday Timed Writing Next week we will begin Dante's Inferno. ...
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