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Day 1- Tuesday Sep 22 - PreIB 10 World Literature and...

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Unformatted text preview: PreIB 10: World Literature and Composition Tuesday, September 22nd Tuesday, September 22 Today's Objectives: nd Begin to develop a background knowledge/understanding of Sophocles and Greek Theater to better understand Oedipus the King. Students will learn some root words to improve vocabulary and word acquisition. Students will practice using commas and identifying correct and incorrect comma usage. Tuesday, September 22 Today's Agenda: Rootie Tootie: Terms practice/notes Introduction to Commas by Numbers Explanation of Unit #2 Background Information Jigsaw nd Today's Roots AG/ACT Do, drive, impel PON/POS Put or Place VAL/VAIL Value, strength CRED Believe DOM House, Lord Commas By Numbers! 1: INTRODUCTORY - A worried mother, Cathy was always calling her daughters to make sure they got home safely. 2: INTERRUPTING - Cathy, a worried mother, was always calling her daughters to make sure they got home safely. 3: AFTERTHOUGHT - Sam was excited to play against Taylor, the award-winning player from the rival school. 4: COMPOUND - I told Lilly to jump up into the car, but she was too fat to jump more than a couple inches. 5: SERIES - I get the original SMASH burger with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, ketchup, and mustard. 6: EQUAL MODIFIERS - I am often envious of my sister's unique, individual talent in art. Tuesday, September 22 A Note to Absent Students: nd Please look at the unit guidelines/calendar for this unit. They are posted online. There is a roots sheet uploaded on my website. Use it to write down the roots and meanings for today. Upon your return, you will need to pick up: Commas Reference Sheet Background Notes Article Jigsaw Read your article Debrief the article with other students in the class who read the same article as you. Decide upon the MAIN points. Take notes. Get in a group with people who read a different article. Take notes on their article, and share your info with them for their notes. Tuesday, September 22 Homework for Tonight None nd Tuesday, September 22 On Deck for Block Day More Roots! Comma Practice Writing Invitation #5 OTK Background Continued Begin Reading OTK nd ...
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