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Hero Paper - text as you have read about it in your...

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Essay #1 – Hero Essay –Ancient Texts Unit Assignment Overview: For this assignment, you will write a thesis-driven essay that answers the following question: What qualities make a hero? How do heroic qualities differ between cultures, and how do heroic actions exhibit cultural values? Support your view with evidence from the epics and from the important information you read about as background for the unit. Your thesis will focus on the beliefs / values you’ve decided are most apparent in a given community and how those cultural values are exhibited by a given hero. Texts to consider: The Epic of Gilgamesh, “Sibi,” “The Yoga of Knowledge,” “Rama and Ravana in Battle,” The Illiad , or The Aeneid. Requirements: A focused thesis statement that includes a what? a so what? and a why? Plenty of specific evidence drawn from the text and from the background on that
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Unformatted text preview: text as you have read about it in your textbook. • Analysis that explains the relationship between your thesis statement and each piece of evidence that you include • A conclusion that restates your thesis in different words • Attention to the expectations of an academic audience with regard to language, style, and tone • YOU MUST HAVE A MINIMUM OF ONE PEER-EDITED DRAFT!! Attach this edited draft to your final copy (worth 10 points!) Format: • 12 point font • Typed, Double-spaced • Use of an academic font like Times New Roman • Enter page numbers in upper right hand corner • MLA Heading Worth: 75 points (Major Assignments) Length: 2 pages (3 page MAX) Important Dates: Writing Lab: Tuesday, 9/15, Block Day 9/16,17, Monday 9/21 Final Draft Due: TUESAY, 9/22...
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