Day 14- Block Sep 16th, 17th

Day 14- Block Sep 16th, 17th - PreIB 10 World Literature...

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Unformatted text preview: PreIB 10: World Literature and Composition Block Day, September 16th, 17th Block Day, September 16 , 17 th th Today's Objectives: Students will demonstrate careful reading and text comprehension. Students will analyze literature through discussion. Students will make progress on their hero essays! A Quick Note: Thanks to those of you who have been keeping up with the discussion boards on! If you have not seen it, there is a discussion post started about paper questions. Feel free to post your own questions/answers there Block Day, September 16 , 17 th Today's Agenda: th Aeneid Quiz! (I warned you ) Discussion of the Aeneid and anything you have left to talk about the Illiad. Break Writing Lab: Continue work on essays. Remember, you need to have a peer-edited copy to turn in with your final draft. A Note to Absent Students: You need to do a minimum of one post for the Illiad/Aeneid discussions. There is a topic on already started... makes sure to post if you missed one or both of these in-class discussions (Tues, Block). You will need to make up the Aeneid quiz from today. It is quick, just set up a time with me on an off period, block lunch, or before/after school. Keep working on your hero paper. The paper description is posted on my website. Contact me via e-mail if you have any questions. Questions for Discussion **You will be in the same groups today as you were in on Tuesday. Continue working on your same score sheets. Add new evaluators/leaders** Debrief the story Aeneas tells Dido. Virgil, the Roman poet, uses many of the same techniques as Homer did in the Illiad. What do you notice? How does Virgil contrast the Trojans, to whom the Romans traced their ancestry, with the Greeks? (Use evidence from the text). What, exhibited by Aeneas in this story, are some Roman values? Block Day, September 16 , 17 th th Homework for This Weekend: Work on your paper! Monday is the last day in the Writing Lab. Paper is due on Tuesday. REMEMBER: Journal #3 is cancelled! Block Day, September 16th, 17th On Deck: No School Friday! Writing Lab Monday Paper Due Tuesday Tuesday: Begin Unit #2: Oedipus the King! ...
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