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Day 11- Friday Sep 11th

Day 11- Friday Sep 11th - PreIB 10 World Literature and...

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Unformatted text preview: PreIB 10: World Literature and Composition Friday, September 11th September 11 Today's Agenda: Quick Notes: Epic Review Work Day th Read the Illiad (p. 361-405) Work on Journal #2 (Socratic Seminar response) Edit and revise your writing invitations! What is an Epic? (Use these notes when preparing for Monday's discussion!) Elements of Epic: long narrative formal style serious subject central figure is quasi-divine actions of central figure determine the fate of a nation Literary Epics Also Include: hero of great national/cosmic importance setting is huge, and may involve a good deal of travel action involves battle and superhuman deeds supernatural beings take an interest, and sometimes even a part generally performed ceremonially; certainly written in a style apart from the ordinary Literary Epic Conventions: begins with an argument/invokes a muse/asks the "epic question" to which the narrative is the answer begins "in media res" contains catalogues of the main characters who often give speeches about their characters Source: Atkinson, A.nna. "Elements of Epic." Dr. Anna Atkinson's Homepage. Vancouver Island University. 11 Sep. 2009. <http://web.viu.ca/atkinsona/elements_of_epic.htm> Work Day Policy: USE IT OR LOSE IT. I build this time into my schedule to try to take some of the pressure off of your weekend homework. Please use it wisely. If you don't need it to work, there are other assignments we can do! Journal #2 Reflect on the Socratic seminar discussion today. What did it make you think about? What did you learn? What might you still be questioning? Can you relate what we talked about in seminar today to other discussions we have had, focusing on the hero, cultural values, human nature, etc.? Journal should be 1-1.5 pages. Friday, September 11 Homework for Tonight th Journal #2 (Socratic seminar response), due MONDAY Read Pages 361-405 (The Illiad), Due MONDAY Friday, September 11 On Deck for Monday Discussion of the Illiad. th How does it fit into what we already know about epics?? How does it fit into what we know about a hero? ...
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