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Day 07- Block Sep 2nd, 3rd

Day 07- Block Sep 2nd, 3rd - PreIB 10 World Literature and...

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Unformatted text preview: PreIB 10: World Literature and Composition Block Day, September 2nd, 3rd Block Day, September 2 , 3 nd rd Today's Objectives: Students will use literary models to inform and improve their writing. Students will practice oral presentation skills. Students will continue to develop comparative analysis skills to aid in their understanding and evaluation of literary texts. Block Day, September 2 , 3 nd rd Today's Agenda: Writing Invitation #3 Flood Story Presentations Compare and Contrast Psalms and the Qur'an, using the 5 steps of analysis! Literary Models: Ishmael Beah Beah was born in Sierra Leone in 1980 where a civil war was raging. At 13, he was forced to become a child soldier and experienced a great deal of violence, drug addiction, and loss of loved ones. In 1998, Beah moved to the United states where he finished high school and Graduated from Oberlin College in 2004. Beah is now a member of the Human Rights Watch Children's Rights Division Advisory Committee and has spoken to various audiences about the children affected by war. Today's model is a selection from his memoir, A Long Way Gone. Writing Invitation #3 Is there a hard experience you have had that your family and friends helped you through? OR What motivates you to keep going when you have lost feelings of hope? Flood Story Presentations Remember, these are quick! I need one rubric for your presentation group with all of the members' names on it. Compare and Contrast Groups: The Psalms and the Qur'an Using your handout, "How to Read a Poem," you will work in a discussion group to compare the and contrast two pieces you read for homework last night. Class Practice: Psalm 137 (p. 70) and "Night" (79) Block Day, September 2 , 3 nd rd Homework for Tonight Pages 128-131 Journal #1 Due Tomorrow (this is in a notebook you can turn in!) Block Day, September 2 , 3 nd rd On Deck for Friday Introduction to didactic literature African Proverbs ...
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