Day 06- Tuesday Sep 1st

Day 06- Tuesday Sep 1st - PreIB 10: World Literature and...

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Unformatted text preview: PreIB 10: World Literature and Composition Tuesday, September 1st Tuesday, September 1st Today's Objectives: Students will continue to practice comparative analysis through discussion of a variety of flood stories. Students will continue to evaluate literature in effort to understand its purpose in various cultures. Tuesday, September 1st Today's Agenda: Announcements Flood Story Packet Group work- preparation for block day presentations Using a text as an Archetype What is an archetype (if you need a refresher, look at your lit terms sheet!) Read the flood myth handout independently. Get with your assigned group and compare the myths in the handout to the flood story from the textbook that your group is assigned. Answer the provided questions and be prepared to present your findings to the class on Block Day! Questions for Discussion (You will present on Block Day!) Which story from the packet is most similar to the story from the textbook? What are the similarities? Which story from the packet is most different from the story in the textbook? From comparing the flood stories, what can you surmise about the human race and human value systems? From comparing the flood stories, what can you learn about cultural values in different groups of people? (Be specific here... "though they both exhibit ________, the difference in _______ illustrates that the transylvanian gypsies valued ___________ while the Babylonians placed more emphasis on ______________.) Tuesday, September 1st Homework for Tonight Read page 58, 67-80 (Due Block Day) Heads up: Journal #1 is due Friday (see unit guidelines for prompt) Tuesday, September 1st On Deck for Block Day Writing Invitation #3 Flood Story Presentations 5 steps of analysis practice: Psalms and the Qur'an ...
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