Day 03- Block Aug 26,27th

Day 03- Block Aug 26,27th - PreIB 10: World Literature and...

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Unformatted text preview: PreIB 10: World Literature and Composition Block Day, August 26th/27th Block Day, August 26 /27 th Today's Objectives: th Students will use literary models to help inform and develop their writing. Students will practice creative writing in attempt to improve voice and word choice in all their writing. Students will develop a background knowledge of the cultures from which the literature they will be reading comes. Students will become familiar with a process to aid literary analysis. Block Day, August 26 /27 th Today's Agenda th Announcements: Books, IC, Poem book? Writing Invitation #2 Royal Banner Survey Homework jigsaw/discussion: pages 1-13 The 5 steps of analysis (Maybe Friday) Literary Models: Junot Diaz Junot Diaz was born in Santo Domingo, D.R. Most of his literature deals with life in D.R. and his transition to American culture. Today's model is a short selection from his bestseller, Drown. Notice the word choice, voice, and contrast he uses in this selection. What stands out to you?? What makes this "good" writing? Writing Invitation #2 Remember, #1 was your Where I'm From Poem... Would you like to tell a story about your family? Think about the details and techniques Diaz uses to illustrate the uniqueness of where he comes from. Period 3: Background Information Jigsaw 1. Mystical Poetry in the Persian Tradition (p. 2-3) 2. Ancient World Events Timeline 3. Historical Background: Origins, Babylonians, Egypt (p. 6-8) 4. Historical Background: The Hebrews, the kingdom of Israel (p.9-10) 5. Historical Background: The Persian and Islamic Empires, Africa (p. 10-11) 6. Literature Period 4, 8: Think-Pair-Share Activity: What were 3 of the most interesting or important things you learned from your background reading last night? How do you think literature plays a role in the civilizations you learned about last night (i.e. What is the purpose of the literature we will be reading?) Is there anything you still have questions about? How do you see this information helping you in your reading this unit? 5 Steps of Analysis You will use these steps any time you are reading critically and analytically. Practice on Rumi's Poem, Create Your Own Myth. You can work in partners. We will share out at the end of the period. Block Day, August 26 /27 th Homework for Tonight th Pages 16-24 Questions to guide your reading: Though this is only the beginning of Gilgamesh's story, how do you already see it fitting in to the archetype of a hero's quest? What elements of Babylonian culture and values are addressed in this part of the story? How do these elements compare to those we have in America today? How is Gilgamesh characterized as a hero (both directly and indirectly) in this part of his story? Block Day, August 26 /27 th th On Deck for Friday: Discussion: Gilgamesh the Hero? Heroic values in American and Babylonian culture ...
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