Final Exam Literary Terms

Final Exam Literary Terms - Metonymy Synaesthesia Climax...

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Final Exam Literary Terms PreIB 10: Spring 2010 Allegory Foreshadowing Phonetic Intensive Alliteration Free Verse Point of View Allusion Genre Protagonist Anapest Hyperbole Pun Antagonist Iamb Simile Apostrophe Imagery Sonnet Assonance Irony Spondee Blank verse Litotes Structure Cacophony Metaphor Symbol Caesura
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Unformatted text preview: Metonymy Synaesthesia Climax Modernism Synecdoche Consonance Mood Syntax Couplet Narration Terza Rima Dactyl Novel Tone Denouement Octet Trochee Diction Onomatopoeia Zeugma Enjambment Paradox Epiphany Pathetic Fallacy Euphony Pentameter Foot Personification...
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