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HW-CH4 - HW-CH4 9th edition CH4 Problems 29 43 60 75 8th...

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Unformatted text preview: HW-CH4 9th edition CH4 Problems: 29, 43, 60, 75 8th edition CH4 Problems: 35, 37, 56, 77 29. A projectile's launch speed is ve times its speed at maximum height. Find launch angle 0 . 43. A ball is shot from the ground into the air. At a height of 9.1 m, its velocity is ~ = (7:6^ + 6:1^)m=s, with ^ horizontal and | upward. (a) v { | { ^ To what maximum height does the ball rise? (b) What total horizontal distance does the ball travel? What are the (c) magnitude and (d) angle (below the horizontal) of the ball's velocity just before it hits the ground? 60. A centripetal-acceleration addict rides in uniform circular motion with period T = 2:0s and radius r = 3:00m. At t1 his acceleration is ~ = a (6:00m=s2 )^ + ( 4:00m=s2 )^. At that instant, what are the values of (a) { | ~ ~ and (b) ~ ~ ? v a r a 75. A train travels due south at 30 m/s (relative to the ground) in a rain that is blown toward the south by the wind. The path of each raindrop makes an angle of 700 with the vertical, as measured by an observer stationary on the ground. An observer on the train, however, sees the drops fall perfectly vertically. Determine the speed of the raindrops relative to the ground. 1 ...
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