HW-Ch9 - HW-CH9 9th Edition CH9 Problems: 8, 42, 73, 78,...

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Unformatted text preview: HW-CH9 9th Edition CH9 Problems: 8, 42, 73, 78, 102 8th Edition CH9 Problems: 8, 44, 75, 76, 120 8. A uniform soda can of mass 0.140 kg is 12.0 cm tall if the rocket' original speed relative to the iners and ...lled with 1.31 kg of soda (Fig.9-43). Then tial frame is to be equal to (a) the exhaust speed small holes are drilled in the top and bottom (speed of the exhaust products relative to the (with negligible loss of metal) to drain the soda. rocket) and (b) 2.0 times the exhaust speed? What is the height h of the com of the can and contents (a) initially and (b) after the can loses 102. In Fig.9-83, an 80 kg man is on a ladder hanging from a balloon that has a total mass of 320 kg all the soda? (c) What happens to h as the soda (including the basket passenger). The balloon is drains out? (d) If x is the height of the remaining initially stationary relative to the ground. If the soda at any given instant, ...nd x when the com man on the ladder begins to climb at 2.5 m/s reaches its lowest point. relative to the ladder. (a) in what direction and (b) at what speed does the balloon move? (c) If the man then stops climbing, what is the speed of the balloon? 42. An object, with mass m and speed v relative to an observer, explodes into two pieces, one three times as massive as the other; the explosion takes place in deep space. The less massive piece stops relative to the observer. How much kinetic energy is added to the system during the explosion, as measured in the observer' reference frame? s 73. After a completely inelastic collision, two objects of the same mass and same initial speed move away together at half their initial speed. Find the angle between the initial velocities of the objects. 78. Consider a rocket that is in deep space and at rest relative to an inertial reference frame. The rocket' engine is to be ...red for a certain ins terval. What must be the rocket' mass ratio s (ratio of initial to ...nal mass) over that interval 1 ...
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