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Unformatted text preview: HW-CH11 9th Edition CH11 Problems: 46, 60, 79, 85 8th Edition CH11 Problems: 48, 58, 75, 93 46. The rotational inertia of a collapsing spinning star drops to 1 its initial 3 value. What is the ratio of the new rotational kinetic energy to the initial rotational kinetic energy? 60. In Fig. 11-54, a 1.0 g bullet is ...red into a 0.50 kg block attached to the end of a 0.60 m nonuniform rod of mass 0.50kg. The block-rod-bullet system then rotates in the plane of the ...gure, about a ...xed axis at A. The rotational inertia of the rod alone about that A is 0.060 kg m2 . Treat the block as a particle. (a) What then is the rotational inertia of the block-rod-bullet system about point A? (b) If the angular speed of the system about A just after impact is 4.5 rad/s, what is the bullet' speed s just before impact? 79. Wheel A and B in Fig. 11-62 are connected by a belt that does not slip. The radius of B is 3.00 times the radius of A. What would be the ratio of the rotational inertias IA =IB if the two wheels had (a) the same angular momentum about their central axes and (b) the same rotational kinetic energy? 85. A girl of mass M stands on the rim of a frictionless merry-go-round of radius R and rotational inertia I that is not moving. She throws a rock of mass m horizontally in a direction that is tangent to the outer edge of the merry-go-round. The speed of the rock, relative to the ground, is . Afterward, what are (a) the angular speed of the merry-go-round and(b) the linear speed of the girl? 1 ...
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