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HW-Ch12 - HW-CH12 9th Edition CH12 Problems 3 25 45 81 8th...

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HW-CH12 9th Edition CH12 Problems: 3, 25, 45, 81 8th Edition CH12 Problems: 5, 21, 47, 83 3. In Fig. 12-26, a uniform sphere of mass m = 0.85 kg and radius r = 4.2 cm is held in place by a massless rope attached to a frictionless wall a dis- tance L=8.0 cm above the center of the sphere. Find (a) the tension in the rope and (b) the force on the sphere from the wall. 25. In Fig.12-37, what magnitude of (constant) force ~ F applied horizontally at the axle of the wheel is necessary to raise the wheel over an obstacle of height h = 3 : 00 cm ? The wheel°s radius is r = 6.00 cm, and its mass is m = 0 : 800 kg . 45. In Fig. 12-57, a lead brick rests horizontally on cylinders A and B. The areas of the top faces of the cylinders are related by A A = 2 A B ; the Young°s moduli of the cylinders are related by
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